Estate Agents & BetterRewards

white round dining table with chairs and flowersJoin BetterRewards and get rewarded every day!

The BetterRewards loyalty programme has been launched to reward you, as one of our loyal business partners, for your hard work and efforts in submitting bond applications through BetterBond.

Who can join the programme? Estate agents, selling principals, principals or broker/owners.

You will be rewarded for every bond you secure through BetterBond. Log onto or register at

How to earn BetterRewards points

How are points earned?

  • The member must be registered on BetterRewards prior to application submission.
  • Points are earned every time BetterBond successfully submits an Offer to Purchase on behalf of the member to the main applicant’s bank.
  • When a bond registers, the member earns additional points. Registration points are reserved in the member’s account until such time that the bond is registered.

How are points calculated?

  • OTP Points are calculated according to a member’s tier classification.
  • Registration Points: the number of points earned depends on the number and value of successful bonds registered via BetterBond during a 12 month period.
  • This information is then used in conjunction with the regulations of the tier that you fall into.
  • The points earned are based on the Rand value of the bond registration.