How to turn objections into opportunities

When you hear an objection from the home seller or buyer, it’s easy to feel trapped or to give up hope of being able to land the mandate or make the sale.

However, one thing that great agents have in common is that they don’t see objections as “immovable obstacles” but rather as levers to create great opportunities. This is just another example of how changing your mental approach can be an essential part of your success.

Use facts to convince your clients

When you visit a potential seller for a listing presentation, for example, they may well feel that their home is worth much more than your suggested asking price. This is a great opportunity to re-explain the importance of highly accurate initial pricing, based on market research and facts, in order to attract the maximum number of prospective buyers and sell the property in the shortest possible time.

It is also an opportunity, incidentally, to show how well you can handle objections without getting defensive or emotional – and build up the seller’s confidence in your efficiency and professionalism.

Show your clients that you can get the job done

Alternatively, if the seller appears to be concerned not about the price but about your abilities as an agent, you should not be afraid to ask why, as it will enable you to get directly to the heart of their objection – and create an opportunity to review your track record of successful sales, focusing on the highlights that should convince the seller that you are exactly the right person to get the job done. You should then be able to ask, with conviction, for their mandate.

Negotiation practice will pay off

There are of course many other possible objections you will encounter in real estate, and you can learn to counter them all in the same way that a major sports team does. That is, by spending much more time practicing than actually playing the big games.

One way to do this is to write down all the objections you’ve already come across and any other possibilities you can think of, and then practice your best solutions or answers for half an hour or an hour a day, until you know them off by heart. This will give you so much confidence that you can’t be thrown “off your game” no matter what buyers and sellers bring up – and set you up to be a winning agent, every time.