Why prospecting must be a priority

Everyone knows that in real estate, the agent with the stock is the agent who succeeds in tough times – and yet prospecting for new business so often gets put on the back burner because it is viewed as the hardest part of the job.

Here are some expert tips to ensure that prospecting becomes as regular a part of your day as brushing your teeth – so you can build a business pipeline guaranteed to deliver success, no matter what the economy is doing:

Don’t get complacent

Just because you are busy now does not mean that you should ever stop prospecting for new business. Agents who do create a difficult road for themselves, with many stops and starts, as sales spurts are followed by weeks and even months of no income until they have found some more homes to sell.

Rather make peace with the task of constant prospecting and devoting some time to it every day and you will have a much less stressful life in the long run. In addition, you will build up your sales record and reputation much more quickly, and that will make prospecting that bit easier.

Schedule prospecting time

Prospecting is not something you should be fitting in around other, “more important” tasks. Schedule a block of time to do it every single day and don’t be tempted to give up this time for something else or skip it “just for today”. Consider it just as important as meeting a buyer or a seller, and try to book it for when you are feeling most energized and able to give it your best effort. Sometimes this will be early morning and sometimes this will be later in the day but stick to it and you will soon see how it leads to more sales and a steady income stream.

Don’t worry about things you can’t control

People might not be at home when you call, and some will naturally respond negatively to your approach. Don’t let these experiences put you off or get you down – just keep moving forward and focusing on finding opportunities to offer your service and solve people’s problems. The very next person you talk to might be itching to buy a new home, or have the perfect property for sale to match the needs of the buyer who called you yesterday.

In other words, you should not spend your time worrying about the conditions on the playing field. Just get out there and play, every day and without fail. This will put you in charge of your business, your work schedule and most of all, your income. It’ll free you from a lot of the worry that others have when the economy slumps.